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  10 by Abbas Kiarostami : A review.   Anitha Menon.  (Anu Zafaran) Abbas Kiarostami's film "10" (2002) is an innovative and thought provoking docufiction film shot in ten segments and located entirely inside the confines of a car. The film presents a series of ten candid conversations, via dashboard cameras, that the driver, a lady, has with a variety of passengers which includes her son, her sister, a hitchhiking prostitute, and a jilted bride, as she drives through the streets of Tehran. The cast includes Mania Akbari as the driver of the car  and Amina Maher as Amin, Roya Akbari as the sister. It was nominated for the Palme d'or at the 55th Cannes Film Festival and got several positive reviews by film critics globally. The eavesdropping camera manages to catch the anxieties and problems of domestic life in a theocratic state which gives no value to women and succeeds in painting a picture of Iran itself.  In the first segment of the film, Mania Akbari, the woman d

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