Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday Walk

I invite you to join me on my Sunday walk around the ancient colonial town of  Fort Kochi.

   Beautiful doorways and window gardens.
                                           Dutch architectural influences can be seen in many of these houses.

Colorful canvases in an artists studio by the roadside.

On the way I met him, lying behind these chains, resting.

This teashop, called The Teapot, has tea-set collections as part of the decor.

             Antique copper teapots.

      Tea-plant roots form the legs of this lovely table.

     Poster of an Indian lady of a bygone era sipping tea!
      Colorful masks,sculptures, wheel in a shop.

Inside a small wayside shrine.... See more pictures of my walk in the next post.
The  photos are all mine and copyrighted.


  1. Beautiful clicks ,luved the decor of the tea shop,..:)

  2. Very interesting all the Sunday walks.


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