Thursday, February 02, 2012

Just a few sentences...

Sometime back, I saw six sentences micro fiction, and, tried my hand at it. Here's what I wrote,

Title: Love too late.

It was not an unexpected visit, yet the emotions it generated were quite world shattering.
 I was seeing him after aeons, and, all the emotions pent up within, leaped uncontrollably to the forefront.
Yet, for all appearances, I was cool and collected, that is, until he brought out the book of memories that he had been writing in since we parted.
My eyes welled up when I saw every moment of ours written down and decorated with pictures and loving words.
 I knew this was love way too late! I brushed the hair off my face and blinked back my tears, swallowed the lump in my throat and said, "It's so windy out here!"

Za faran

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  1. Wow, love your story. It captures so much in 6 sentences, very well done:)

  2. Sentences carries a lot of things in it...Thanks for sharing such a wonderful one

  3. Thanks, Amithigirl and Kala for your comments. Will try writing more! :)

  4. wow... a story in 6 sentences.. very well written.. super impressed..

    on another note.. is that a pista shell lotus I see.. on the header??

    1. Those are onion pink colored shells.

  5. No, Patricia, those are real shells made to look like lotuses. My Mother's choice. :) Thanks for all your encouragement and support.

  6. I enjoyed your very short story! Thanks for sharing. It said so much with so few words.

  7. Thanks for linking up to Storytelling Sunday. As you are linking, please do make sure that your post includes a link back to the rest of the stories. Thanks! And maybe we'll see you again next month?

  8. Thanks, Chipper and Sian for visiting, commenting. I will post a link, Sian.

  9. Wow, a vivid story in a few short sentences!


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