Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Skirting fun!

Being in a frivolous mood today, I wanted to wear skirts....like this royal purple one or the cool striped one, or, my favorite the blue one...

 No... I just could not stop without showing some of these beautiful skirts I found on the net. Have a look...

lovely yellow gypsy skirt

tie and dye sea blue

henna green

A white skirt like this lies in my wardrobe, unused, because I am not sure I will look okay in it. I love it though.

 How pretty they look in these maxi dresses... Which one do you like? Do you all like skirts?


  1. Oh no! don't make me choose! They all look so beautiful!!!

  2. These are gorgeous and so fun! I think the henna green one is my favorite.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  3. I like the grey and white striped one but not able to wear a slim style like that any more!!

  4. Yes, its a cool one. I love wearing skirts, but hesitate for fear of looking awful! Thank you for visiting.

  5. Oh... these are all so beautiful!! Za faran, if you have a white skirt like that one in your closet, WEAR IT! Don't wait for the perfect size, the perfect look.. WEAR IT. It's not how you will look in it that matters, it's how you will FEEL, and i'll bet you'd feel wonderful. :-) i love skirts... xoxo


I am always happy when you comment. It gives me the push to go on painting, writing. Thank you so much!