Monday, April 02, 2012

Nothing like this!

I find folklore amazing 

because of the way it brings 

a whole set of 

experiences, hope, expressions 

of  generations before us.

Folklore is shared by a group

 having the same culture, traditions,

sense of beauty.

 It keeps people connected, 

offers  a chance for creative expression, 
and keeps memories alive.

Here are some more pics taken from my 
visit to the 
Folklore Museum.

wooden heads of bulls

different masks used in theatrical performances

Ganapati, the elephant headed god.

sitting on the edge of the pot, this birdie seems waiting for food!

this was a betel nut chopper! for 'paan' chewing ladies


jewellery box with secret chambers

wooden stairs

tanjore painting of baby Krishna

hand 'mudras' or gestures

an ancient gentleman wearing 'mundu' and wooden clogs.

Zamorin, one of the line of rulers who granted permission for Vasco Da Gama to land.(You can see his crown on the table)
Speaking of connectedness, 
I thought of  the


that we seem to have in common!
An amazing sense of identification, right?
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