Friday, September 28, 2012

Order in Chaos

Last week, in connection with an art biennale to be held in my city, I happened to hear Portuguese artist, Rigo 23, as he calls himself, speak about his works. 
He is a muralist, painter from California. 
He spoke about his large street sign inspired murals in San Francisco, showing 'sky' and 'ground', political art and art that bring out environmental and human concerns.

One of his projects was with local artisans in forested areas of Brazil to create joyful art that brings out Nature, Life in all its glory. 
The art he created out of banana fiber and sisal looks like a nuclear submarine and cluster bombs, shooting out diverse flora and fauna. 

The depiction of these war and death perpetrating machines to remind

 the world to stop unthinking destruction and 

rejoice in the beauty of Life was really impressive.    


pic from here

 After listening to the talk, I was thinking about how India is a euphoric state of mind to so many. 

The sight of goats, cows, and dogs wandering free on the road excited Rigo23. 
True, these and other typically Indian sights are sure to pop the eyes of those unused to Indian culture! 
An average Indian passes by sights and signs of abject poverty, unreasonable affluence, mammoth fun fairs and festivities, strikes, protests, and lawlessness without batting an eyelash! 
We are a land full of contradictions, be it in the field of politics, social structures, and gender attitudes. 
We worship cows, monkeys, rats in temples, 
and enjoy eating non-vegetarian too…beef or mutton! 
Woman regarded as a Devi and worshipped, 
is also subject to innumerable atrocities.

Thinking of all these contradictions, I did not feel any chagrin, rather, I know, permeating all these is the strange sense of rhythm that Oprah Winfrey found when she visited India.


This quote by Cezanne sums up what I feel “We live in a rainbow of chaos”, and out of this chaos are born differences that makes each one of us unique. 

On this note, I created my journal page, adding elements of collage, street signs, drawing attention to Life and reality. 

                               My state is described as Gods own country

 'goats own country' is a funny take on that!

Inarticulation leads to irrelevance

and art is about articulation, hence the 

word, 'inarticulate' on my page. 
The' inarticulate' need
to find a voice.

inarticulate in goat country?

life ALERT

do numbers have anonymity?

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  1. Can see this artist truly influenced you. Enjoy this new adventure. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. I love how your experience has tied in to your art! I too was very moved by Oprah's trip to India-I just love her. And India is on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing. Love the quote too.

    1. I enjoyed her reactions and loved hearing her words about it. At moments though, she was speechless! :-)

  3. Very expressive!
    I like your idea that art is about articulation!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

    1. :-)Arti-culation?
      Thank you, Mary for visiting me.

  4. Lovely creation ~ very expressive and your words add to it all ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  5. Lovely work and very thought provoking

  6. Fabulous! Love the style of this!

  7. love seeing how he has influenced you and your work... it always so great to hear artists speak about their work isn't it...xx

    1. It is interesting indeed to hear artists speak about how their work evolved.
      No art is ever born in a vaccuum and I guess we are all part of BIG picture that shapes our thoughts. Everything that we see and hear makes us think and express, I feel.
      Thank you for dropping by!

  8. beautiful colors. sounds like you had some great sources of inspiration!

  9. I love the painting and the muted colors - I also love the idea of art as articulation. That is very true - how often I feel inarticulate - sometimes a lack of words and sometimes in my art. A wonderful inspired and articulate painting.

  10. A beautiful thought-provoking post. I love hearing other artists talk about their work, inspiration and process.

  11. Interesting post ( i too am fascinated by Indian culture) and powerful artistic expression.

  12. Lovely work and interesting the way you were inspired and reflected the same :)

  13. This is beautiful, it reminds me of an old treasure map.

  14. oh wow.....lovely painting and the!!!

  15. Wonderful journal pages! Nice post!

  16. What a very creative and emotional piece. Thanks for sharing. :)

  17. I adore your ideas -- and your art! My first thought of 'India' is massive history and the cradle of mankind. A fascinating place I want to visit!!

  18. wonderful to see how you were inspired to do this meaningful piece.

  19. Beautiful, beautiful!


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