Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Eyes Of The Beholder.

A monster foot!

Yeah, my own! 

Today’s page is a drawing of my own foot!

Okay, after getting over your shock seeing my clumsy foot let me confess to you that I have been embarrassed, felt humiliated, and, oddly, complimented too, on its account! 

As a young girl, in school, my Mom, for some reason known only to her, used to make me wear boys’ shoes. Seeing my big toes, I used to think there must be something wrong with my feet!

Add hairy fat legs to it too!  

I grew up thinking my feet were just too ugly. No dainty girlie shoes for me! Though I loved heels, I could feel comfortable only in flat footwear. 

Weirdly, as I grew older, I received few compliments too, though often met with a questioning, eyebrow raised, disbelieving look from me.

It dawned on me gradually ; the shape of my feet does not matter a bit. What matters is I should feel comfortable with my own self. 

Adding pictures of a fun outing I had with few friends on an exclusive property, an old palace converted into a luxury resort.

The approach to the palace is by a special boat.

Through the upper floor windows

Back Gate.

The Palace. (pic from here)

Lovely Athangudi tiles in the verandah.

 Wishing all of you a lovely week!


  1. beautiful photos and a cute foot, I say!

  2. Lovely photos and hey, I love my feet, too! ;)

  3. So beautiful and magical..I think your feet are totally gorgeous! Wonderful healing insights..just beautiful! And those photos!

  4. The foot drawing is great, and I love the text you added to it. Those photos are beautiful, too!

  5. A lovely drawing of your foot, I enjoy it! and great pics!

  6. Dazzling photo and jazzy foot ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  7. love the foot comments so true! ok i could use a week in that palace, mines just a little cluttered this week!

  8. Wonderful Photos. I love the foot!! I have a fat foot, triple E width.. I went all through my childhood thinking how ugly my feet are. Now at age 61 I don't give a hoot! LOL

  9. So glad you put your best foot forward... I only like my feet when my toenails are they are always painted. Love love the Palace. looks like a fantastic place... A good place to put your feet. :)

  10. Love your beautiful foot with its painted toes and the flowers around. That palace is gorgeous! happy PPF and AJED!

  11. Fun foot art! And beautiful pics, lucky you!

  12. Love the post about your foot! So true too! The resort looks like a very relaxing and serene place to stay.

  13. Am sure Mr Jose Dominic will be excited if he chance to scroll through your blog for giving your touch to the wonderful palace he has opened to the world

  14. hi ,first thankyou for visiting my blog.
    i am glad i came to your blog .you words are thought provoking. i loved this post about your foot.
    photos are that of the bolgatty palace? hope you enjoyed your stay,its one of my favourite place


I am always happy when you comment. It gives me the push to go on painting, writing. Thank you so much!