Saturday, December 29, 2012

A grieving nation.

Much as I would like to say farewell to the year on a happy note, after the death of  the New Delhi rape victim who had been fighting for her life ever since the heinous crime was committed by six men who have no right to be called 'men', I cannot bring in merriment on this page.

I feel terrible for the girl, her parents and dear ones.
I pray they gain courage to face the situation.

The strong protests of the people must be heard and law enforcement must be strict for such criminals. As long as the women of this country face personal insecurity from lecherous, degenerate forces like this, the nation will have to hang its head in shame. The voice of the silent protests are strong in their very silence.

 The death of the young woman who showed a strong desire to battle for her life to the very end should be the  strength to battle fiercely for the cause of women's safety all over. Let us gain strength to stay indomitable.

For the strong girl, Damini.

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  1. Oh my, I had no idea she died. Yet another senseless tragedy.A beautiful portrait and tribute in loving memory of Damini.

  2. Your tribute is heartfelt, and beautiful. I join you in your words of outrage and anger!

  3. Yes we women on one hand are worshipped in India and on the other treated in such a shameful heart goes out to her family...I salute the brave spirit and hope 2013 brings a magical change in the mindset of such evil-heads.

  4. Lovely creative work and yes so sad about tragedies in the world ~ sending you lots of healing energy ~

    (A Creative Harbor aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)

  5. only a few words..."i hear you sister." the circle holding hands, samara

  6. An interesting and vivid picture.

  7. she looks so beautiful and I love how you did the hair and her halo :)


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