Friday, December 14, 2012

Discover light within!

All our interior world is reality, and that, perhaps, more so than our apparent world. (Marc Chagall) 

I looked at her, tried to speak to her before letting her go and live on my blog page.

I tried to hear her voice. There was only silence. I could not understand why she materialized on my page if she was going to be wordless. 

I looked at her many more times. I saw her long, blue- purple, brown- black tresses.  I saw her big liquid eyes and asked her, “Who are you?”
Just a smile. 

“Are you happy?” I asked and immediately realized what I was doing! 

I was talking to my painting! 

Am I going nuts?

No, wait.

Here she is looking at me again, smiling. 

Ah, I got it now!

In her silence, she seemed to be speaking. 
Her smile conveyed peace.

Her eyes spoke of depth that required no words to enlighten me.
“Look within.” She whispered softly.

I smiled back.

 Continuing with my ink and watercolor paintings, I also created a bright, smiling teapot. 
Tea break anyone?

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Happy PPF to all of you! 
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  1. The yellow teapot :-) it's beautyful!

  2. Love the girl with multicolored hair and your sunny teapot! Happy PPF!

  3. LOVE the fact that you talk to your paintings- I do too! Also love your style, very nicely done!
    Happy PPF,

  4. Great paintings! Love the portrait. :)

  5. nice work, the teapot beckons!

  6. Talk to the paintings? is something I've never tried or maybe every artist engaged in a dialogue permamente with his work, so if you've seen is an artist. Saludos

  7. Lovely paintings and very insightful post ~

    (A Creative Harbor) aka artmusedog and Carol ^_^

  8. ah yes, look within-lovely! And I like the bright, sunny teapot too. Happy PPF!

  9. I love how you write of your paintings speaking to you.
    Beautiful paintings.
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  10. Lovely paintings and a great story. Happy PPF, Annette x

  11. Beautifully written story. I can just see her telling you that.

  12. I love it when your paintings talk to you, beautiful work.

  13. I can see her talking to you - love the sunny yellow teapot also. Happy PPF

  14. Hey there some kind of connection between us ? I have done something similar ...visit me to enjoy the chai!

  15. I love the story behind your portrait and your yellow teapot is delightful!

  16. That quote is magical, and your work made me smile! Happy belated Paint Party Friday!

  17. Beautiful story to go along with your beautiful paintings. Guess That I sometimes I speak to my paintings to and they definitely speak back to me.

  18. Like idea of listening to your art!

  19. Your paintings are obvious very real to you and I am sure there is a bit of yourself in each one.


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