Monday, February 04, 2013

The Flyaways -poem forThe Mag

Metal fingers outstretching
Over the pompous,
Inflated dome- head
Talons out, skull crunching
Machines to whirring work
Spilling yards of words,
And letters,
Scrambling, like scarab beetles
Out of the dark recesses
Of the ink dripping
Walls crying,
“Good luck in your new job”
Before rising into the dusty air
Fluttering out in the wind
On parched white papery wings!

poem by Zafaran for The Mag 154



  1. This is nice ... love the strong images, words you used.

  2. Words on paper! Long may they much energy here...

  3. Oh wow...I really like the textures in this...excellent...

  4. Oh yes, those white papery wings....have me in a dream of my own! Very soothing......!

  5. Inventive, shrewd and apt...

  6. Interesting imagery. Nice!

  7. I received a postcard from you for Shannon's swap - I absolutely love it! The little touch of glimmer on the leaves and bird's wings is just perfect. Thanks so much....


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