Sunday, March 17, 2013

Colors of life.

At times, so immersed are we in our own thoughts that we do not realize that we are going in circles, unable to come out of our own limiting patterns. It is like the story of the seeker who looked for fire with a lighted lantern.   

To be creative is to love life. To embrace it with open eyes, differences and all included. Without any restrictions or judgments, if we are able to accept, then, I think, that is where true art is born. 

Having grown up in a house where anything could transform itself into art, I chanced upon a twig at the nearby Shiva temple, where Shiva, the guardian deity of my city, sits looking out towards the sea.

Back home, few coats of paint on the piece of wood and some old iron bells, brass temple bells, colored beads, copper wire, red and saffron wool…and I was happy with this chime I made from found and reclaimed objects.

The shape of the wood seemed like a being with outstretched arms, the colors red and saffron contain a lot of power and energy. Saffron, (or is associated with purity and quest for light. I like to imagine it is an angel at my door!


Accepting life in all its different colors is creativity.

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  1. beautiful. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. what a wonderful piece you created!! love the bells :) xox Conny

  3. very creative and lovely piece!

  4. i love this Zafaran! This is exactly what i saw... a being with outstretched arms, protecting your home and those who enter! Beautiful. i love that you made this with so very little and that it looks so natural. xox

  5. Very nice -- so much soul in these found objects. I love when elements are joined together and enhanced. It must sound heavenly.

  6. beautiful blog Zafaran!

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    monthly challenges for Art Journalers

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    special moments

    we would be happy to see you there!


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