Friday, April 19, 2013

Tiny crevices of wisdom.

At times the mind responds to images in ways which I do not really know.  

These sketches of mine, most of them on my notebook, one on newspaper,  that I colored and made into postcards,

 present images of people that I saw 

on the newspaper, magazines, internet...

One  thing that struck me afterwards is that all 

these people seem to have a silent appeal in their expressions.

I call them people from the crevices of the heart. 

Raising their eyes to Heaven,


in mute appeals against coercive forces.


Where absences, like snakes, slither across


  beleaguered  territories,

 yet, resilience,

 in eyes, like special flowers that bloom once in a blue moon,

spread their own moonlight.


Do we pass them by in the streets? 

Do we see them?

Do we hear his treads, soft as snowflakes?

With folded hands he seeks forgiveness, 


fluttering the flags of light

from the crevices they come....seeking our compassion...


 They are not different individuals, I realized, after painting these postcards.


They are all aspects of our own psyche.


Do we tell ourselves that it is okay to be our own selves? 


I realized I have to forgive  myself for not being perfect.


 Or, living up to any others expectation.


The landscape within me is shifting, changing...looking at different perspectives.


Through the tiny crevices come tiny bits of wisdom that makes me smile and learn every single day!



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  1. Lovely paintings. Very spiritual and heartfelt poetic words

  2. these are wonderful paintings-so full of expression. Lovely writing too. Happy PPF!

  3. Wow! such depth of expression ~ very creative and well done art work ~ ^_^ ~ Love the captions also ^_^

  4. What an inward seeking to understanding the world and what we see both inward and outward...heartfelt work. Happy PPF. xox

  5. Love this work and meanings. Very intense. Great job. Happy PPF!

  6. Such a beautiful journey to experience here today..this was a deep and profound walk through the heart, soul and spirit..thank you for taking me there..inside the "tiny crevices of wisdom"!All beautifully touching and stirring..absolutely brilliant my friend!

    1. I answer as a reply to Victorias comment as she expresses, what I feel.
      I especially like the man with the topped hat and the figures walking in the distance. But then again I like the expression of the man with the red clothes...
      Wonderful and deep post once again.
      Thank you for your kind words on my blog!

      Happy PPF and beauty all around


  7. Powerful spiritual post!! Beautiful artwork...I have often wondered what bits of wisdom they carry in their silence! I understand it too..... sometimes people just don't want to know things we've collected along the way!! Wonderful perspective!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. wonderful paintings, they remind me of icons, they are so full of emotion.

  9. What a beautiful series. You really inspired me to stop and think for a bit.

  10. What a thoughtful, spiritual post! What expressive, creative art! Great post, loved every word, every image! <3

  11. This is a great post. Love all the different people you created, and finding in the end that they're all part of you. ...

  12. Such amazing sketches! I love the idea of crevices.
    Catherine Denton

  13. Beautiful, true and honest post, thoughts and faces. Thank you so much for sharing. Love and blessings to you.

  14. lovely art in words and paint. wondering if you came to the realization of the inner shifting after you painted these postcards. happy ppf on saturday :)

  15. Isn't it amazing how much there is of ourselves, reflected in or by others, that we would rather ignore? They come out of the crevices and confront us in our discomfort... and we either see ourselves in heir eyes or posture, or we look away and push them back into the crevices of our minds. It takes courage to see... You captured this concept well in these faces!

  16. An amazing group of well executed images expressive of our true nature.
    Poetic and brilliant.

  17. Gorgeous portraits and I love that texture.


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