Friday, May 03, 2013

A way back home.

The other day I met these people. 


The first person I met looked happy, standing half hidden, 

midst the tall plants in the jungle.  

There was beautiful decoration on his face, 

though he did not seem martial.


There seemed to be abundance everywhere.
The plants, colors and sounds of the jungle filled the air. 

Higher up in the foliage was this bird of stunning colors.

It was singing and they seemed to be conversing peacefully.

                                  I felt peace and balance there.


In a short while, the wind started whistling an angry tune.

Leaves flew about, frail and defenseless in the wind.

The storm hit with a rage.

The face of the storm mirrored itself everywhere.


Hunched, snarling and, most of all, lonely…it walked everywhere.

Behind the scowl was a desperate need to find a way out.

Away from the predators.


                          A tiny voice set everything right once again.
                                          The sky grew blue once again.

“Baby, no…you won’t ever be lost as long as Mamma is here.”

Together they trudged on beneath the acacia trees to join their tribe.


“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”

Friedrich Nietzsche


Hope you enjoyed my interpretation of my paintings this week.

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  1. Way back home... yes, please show me the way! This is a wonderful post, paintings and the story told around them.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and mind!

    Happy PPF

  2. lovely works of art, and am I ever glad it ended happily! That phantom like image is scary. Happy PPF!

  3. smashing works of art and a happy ever after ending, magic.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. i love your lovely story, the art you created and finding my way back home. i feel like i have journeyed with you. happy ppf.

  5. Lovely art and a gripping story.

  6. loved the close up photo of the sky so I could see your brushstrokes... fabulous...xx

  7. I love your little stories and the art that goes with it. And that quote is beautiful!

  8. Wonderful words and colorful art!! Love the perfect quote!!

    Happy weekend!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Beautiful narrative art, thank you for sharing

  10. I love how you present your art. It is so engaging and so alive and radiant. It captures me completely as I look for the baby and the mama around the tree. So creatively genius! lovies, samara

  11. Rel realciona art right mood when and when it coincides with nature. Saludos

  12. I really enjoyed this post. Wonderful.

  13. Oh how sweet...I LOVE this post. Love the illustration with your story, charming!! Thanks for sharing your work. Happy Paint Party Friday!

  14. Wow - wonderful post - to go with your wonderful paintings. HPPF

  15. Very creative story to complement your wonderful paintings!

  16. The last painting reminds me of my childhood - growing up in South Africa. The faces are captivating too :)

  17. i love your paintings!


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