Sunday, May 19, 2013

Facing the storm bravely.

Linking up with Journal Journeys and the Art Therapist.

“She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way
 she adjusted her sails” ~Elizabeth Edwards  

When I read the quote, I was fascinated and decided I wanted to join up too.
The bird theme on Journal Journey is also interesting and so I was all set to play.

I used recycled thin packing cardboard, strips from magazine, a bit of textured fiber from an old invitation card. I stuck them as layers and painted with acrylics.  I should have added glaze, but I don’t have it in my supplies, so maybe I should add it later. Do you think I should add glaze?

Now about the quote, when I started painting, somehow I thought of Antigone. I taught Antigone by Sophocles many times in my literature class. Today, I thought of her, her rebelliousness or rather her firm decision to carry out her actions no matter what the opposition is.  She sticks by her own code of behavior which she knows is beyond any dictates of society. She stood in the storm.

Storms in life are almost inevitable. The question is, are we going to sink or sail on? 
The choice is ours. 

On my painting, I used a little blue courageous bird to sing of sunny shores and blue skies. Maybe Antigone would have listened, smiled bravely. Whatever be our concerns, we have to sail on bravely!
That must be our choice.

 I am also linking with my friends over at Sunday Sketches, CED, AJED, PPF

A  bit of news from me is that I have reached my 100th post today.
I feel a sense of achievement and feel grateful for the big support my blogging friends have given me.
It is the best kind of  support I have ever received!

I am sure my mother will be happy for me,
When she was alive she was my biggest strength.

I do wish to sell few of my paintings, 
so if you like any of the work here, please let me know
at my mail,   mayamuki1 at gmail dot com.
Thank you so much for being with me! :-)


  1. I really like that quote and your painting is lovely - great colours and wonderful textures. I like satin glaze spray as it gives paintings a nice sheen without being too 'varnish' shiny if you know what I mean. Windsor & Newton do a great one.

  2. Beautiful painting, love the colors and the flowing design that reminds of the sea/storm. Wonderful texture as Nic said! <3

  3. I love this! the colors are gorgeous and her eyes are so expressive!

  4. Your work is beautiful. I love the colors and the quote that was the inspiration for your work. Although noone wants to be in a storm we can definitely overcome whatever is put in our way if we know who we are and stay true to ourself.

  5. Congrats on your 100th post! Your artwork is lovely and she is beautiful ~ wonderful post ~ Happy Sunday ^_^

  6. this is a wonderful piece and a joy to see.
    happy 100 anniversary
    the world of blogging truly is a wonderful support and inspiration.

  7. congrats congrats congrats. also thanks for describing what you used on your painting, which is fantastic! and yes, our choice. i just said to giggles that you are now the 11th blog i have read who has written on an inner stuggle process and choice etc. i am wondering, as i said to her, have we been dealing with a full moon? i wrote the same way. i like however where you go with it. choice choice choice. as a ministry professor said to us in the class Ministry in the Context of Violence: Never give up your choice to Walk! (away) It was to me, the epitome of "choice!" Lovies, Samara

  8. Hugest congrats on 100 posts... such a wonderful milestone and I have to say I have enjoyed every visit I have made here... and this one is no different... those colours and the underlying textures are really wonderful... and if you have a little bit of your warm weather you can send it down here to Australia please...xx

  9. Beautiful work. I love the colors.

  10. I adore the quote and it is going in my book. Thank you for joining in with Journal Journey's it's lovely to see this post. Congratulations on your 100th post I am so enamoured by the story and your work and I am off to discover more of those posts as this is my first visit. Dxx

  11. Wonderful images and your art is so peaceful to look at

  12. What a wonderful heartwarming post you did ♥♥♥ and the painting is gorgeous!! Love the plants all over her like she is the earth-godess ♥ Conny

  13. Very nice. I enjoyed this post very much.

  14. Hello from Art Journal Journeys ... your lady is lovely with wonderful textures and interest!

  15. I like your text about these strong women very much and your picture of the unconquerable lady is beautiful!!!!

  16. Wow,your painting is wonderful so dreamying and intersest,love it all colors and texture in it.


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