Friday, May 17, 2013

Intuitive painting, Ipkiss and Ventura!

This week I was just smearing paint all over my paper 

with no plan in my head…
just enjoying the colors and 

feeling the wet, squishy paint on my hands…
I guess it was an example of ‘being in the moment’.

At such moments my painting becomes a sort of meditation, 
a calming relaxing experience. 

A tree is what emerged, a magical tree to the realm of joy. 
I was happy with my paints and aware of my joy!

Feeling playful I just had fun.

Unlocked my kooky, eccentric side...was it my 'id'?
It was challenging…and…here....

It was the finding of the Loki mask that transformed
young, quiet Ipkiss into
the loud, cartoonish, whacky Mask! 


After that I couldn’t resist Ace Ventura! :-)

Do you have a fondness for 

any bizarre, outlandish characters who 

bring a smile to your face?

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  1. you had a fun week painting and drawing... your joy in the process shines through...xx

    1. Yes Tracey, I had fun and a happy feeling that I m able to do what I love most! Thank you for visiting me!

  2. Those are very funny dudes you painted! Great work! :)

  3. I love your tree and all the spirals. Jim Carrey's characters are always so wacky, I am not suprised her unlocked your eccentric side:) HPPF

  4. Love that tree! And these characters are certainly loud and whacky ;-)

  5. I enjoyed looking at every one of your pictures, particularly the wacky ones. In answer to your question: yes, I do, every time one of my weird or amusing faces emerges from my mind onto paper. If we don't love our own work then we're doing something wrong - right! I'm often told I have a weird mind, but so far I have resisted including them in a post.
    So interesting coming across your blog through PPF, and I shall certainly be coming back to see your great work.

  6. Yes, you did bring a smile to my face! Love the drawings and also the intuitive painting.

  7. oh what fun you've had!!Love your projects. I must say the wacky characters that immediately come to mind for me are from Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp-love that movie! Happy PPF!

  8. you have had the greatest fun and I love your wacky characters.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  9. Your tree is truly magical and oh so joyful. Happy PPF

  10. I love it when art just emerges all on its own--and the repetitive feel to the tree branches is terrific!

    Happy Paint Party Friday!

  11. I especially love your magical tree!

  12. This is fabulous and I love the magical tree. I love the pink panther image and had two pair of slippers over the years even though I don't really like the movies!!

    Jim Carey is a hoot and these are wonderful fun!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. it is wonderful to see your art, each piece. lovely weekend to you.

  14. That's the best kind of painting - with beautiful results! <3 Love your character studio, Jim Carrey is the best! :)

  15. ... damn autocorrect, meant studio! :-D

  16. I am partial to trees, and this one is fab, Happy PPF.

  17. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog about Sad Girls. I love your magical tree and the swirls. I use swirly things a lot. I like the way you described the process to us. |Have a great day, Create lots more, it is beautiful.

  18. I love your paintings. I often make up critters who make me smile because they are quirky. you did a great job on "the mask". HPPF

  19. I had such of good time looking at your art. Yes I too draw, paint the bizarre and funny. I really enjoyed yours.

  20. I love your intuitive painting! You have a very special way to paint, which I like! This wasn't my last time on your site.

  21. You definitely bring a smile to my face. Very cool. I enjoyed how you started out and then expanded. Very good likenesses. I would have recognized them without the names. Blessings, Janet PPF

  22. wow - this is an absolutely unusual and creative side - and she has conjured up a smile on my face - thank you for that and best regards, Dagmar


I am always happy when you comment. It gives me the push to go on painting, writing. Thank you so much!