Saturday, June 22, 2013

Doodles aplenty!

This week I would like to share my 'Doodle A Day' drawings with you.
I read about it on Rhi- Creations and wanted to give it a shot. The witty, fun-filled doodles on Kristins blog also gave me the push to go ahead. I did have some catching up to do because I started late, but it's given me an enjoyable time!

Let me start with the prompt list given by Rhi,

Day 1-  Color

Day 2- Local

Day 3- Fruit

Day 4- Things I carry

Day 5 - Work

Day 6- Summer

Day 7- Wild

Day 8- Activity

Day 9- City

Day 10- Garden

Day 11- Home

Day 12-  Furniture

Day 13- Era

Day 14- Planet

Day 15- North

Day 16- Dad ( It was rather strange drawing this because I lost my Dad more than three decades ago. )

Day 17 - Bright

Day 18- Yellow

Day 19- Go

Day 20- Value

Day 21- A word

Day 22- In my cup.

 This is how far I have reached. June remains, so if you are feeling doodly, do join in on this great experience!
 Joining my friends on Paint Party Friday,   AJED,   CED
Sunday Sketches
Do visit these awesome groups to see some very inspiring art!
Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Wow! So prolific!
    Terrific "doodles!" :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  2. Wonderful doodles, great that you do them every day! :)

  3. Wow these are so lovely and such a brilliant idea to keep your creative spirits up :)

  4. Wonderful Icads....Love the sun, home and the flower....gorgeous!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Wow, I love all your doodles! My favourite is the "Roots"-one. So beautiful!

  6. Oh how cool! This is such a funny game. Your little paintings are so cute! I love the fruits and the city and the lady with the umbrella and all the others too! I think I should try these prompts as well.

  7. what a neat challenge, great doodles, I like the 'bright' one!

  8. wow!!!!! you have had a blast with all these doodles!!!! wonderful work!!!

  9. Great doodles. Love the potted hanging baskets.

  10. much to see..and they are all spectacular and wonderful! Love the umbrella one!
    Happy SS!

  11. These are great, mu favourites are the city and wild.

  12. :) There is such freedom in the lines of these doodles--they seem full of life and move. My favorites are the elephant tea cup and your dad. I admire your discipline to create a doodle a day.

  13. I'll have to check out this "Doodle a day"! My favorite is the cityscape you did. I'm not a city person, but there's something about them that I like in art.

  14. These are all so great! Wonderful illustrations for the prompts! Doodling every day seems like a fun!

  15. Thank you so much for dropping by to comment and visit :)My kind of fun,I doddle even without thinking some times.It's a great stress reliever for Me.


I am always happy when you comment. It gives me the push to go on painting, writing. Thank you so much!