Saturday, July 06, 2013

Buddha and serenity book.

This week the colors on SoC are, 'Charcoal Grey and Pink.'

Charcoal grey, to me, seemed like the right color to balance the pink and define it in a very elegant manner.  The grey, cloud ridden morning on a rainy day needed some pink to bring a hint of freshness to it. So, they really need each other, I thought.
As I am in a phase where I love Buddha paintings, I thought, a grey and pink watercolor Buddha would look serene.

Let there be light!

I really loved seeing some of the mini books on the net and I wanted to try my hand making one.
I took an old brochure which was made of glossy  paper and folded it to make a tiny booklet.
I painted charcoal grey and shades of pink on it. Bits of the prints show through in places.

Color grey evokes peace, calm...without any turbulence.
So I wrote, 'Peace Come From Within and Peace Flows Like A River. '
I stuck shiny sequins, wooden button, bits of paper glued on to resemble ferns, greenery, shells, flowers etc.
This is my first attempt and I really liked making it!
Hope all of you enjoy it as much as I did!

Peace to all of you!

Peace flows like a river...

My little book, 6.5cm x 3 cm,  is my offering to serenity, peace.

Links to my wonderful groups, full of creative souls doing our bit to find joy, color and serenity.


  1. Your little book has so much beauty in it. I like the peace flows like a river. And your gray and pink page is beautify.

  2. hi, Zafaran :). I LOVE your offering, your tiny book is so sweet!!. You did amazing doodling too.

  3. This is great. I love the art of your mini book

  4. Beautiful expressions with this color combination which to me is thoughtful and peaceful. Wonderful art!

  5. your little book is fantastic and how I love your SOC project-beautiful Buddha painting!

  6. Beautiful Buddha serene!! Your rocked this week's colors!! Love your little book too!

  7. Powerful a visual journey of bliss..your book is amazing..your art is super gorgeous..peaceful and full of magic and beauty! Stunning works!!

  8. Such a gorgeous book! I love this so much!

  9. Lots accomplished this week! Love your gorgeous buddha! Wonderful offering for soc!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Wonderful relaxing artwork and book. Perfect use for this weeks SoC:)

  11. Wow this is absolutely peaceful, serene and very soothing every bit of it !!

  12. Wow!! Love the images in your mini book and your buddha is very serene indeed. :)

  13. Zafaran, I disappear into your work...I look an it is a meditation each time, whether on the rock, the words or the gentleness of the soft gaze. Thanks for your Spirit Zafaran. Lovies to you. Samara

  14. Very inspiring mini book! And the Buddha looks truly peaceful :) Great work!

  15. Inspiring, peace to you too :-)


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