Saturday, December 07, 2013

Art, words, Kaiserslautern, Woven Tales - My week in a nutshell.

My art for the week....

In a reverie...

she dreamt on...




Now for the writing I did this week in response to these prompts, 

3WW- brief, expose, insist

 Treasure - Wednesday prompt 

Sunday Scribblings - phobia

It was just a brief flash of pure red, unmasked anger in his eyes. 

Already exposed to years of warfare between us, I knew the intensity of that trenchant look. 

I knew better than to insist audibly that I was right.

 Silently, despite my phobic stand on having arguments, I raised my eyes and looked levelly at him. 

This time something in my steady gaze quieted him. 

I know it is just a temporary respite until the fusillade begins anew with the next volley of invectives. 

It is time for me to open my hidden treasure chest. 

I am sure those who fled to the woods buried it there, in this forgotten vegetable patch, before the fire burnt them alive.

These pieces of gold will guarantee my safe passage across the borders. 

Tomorrow I flee. To the woods and beyond. 

And now, an exciting news from me is that my journal page was published by Woven Tale Press. It's on the e-stands now. Click on this link to have a look.

I must say I love this!! :-)

My son, meanwhile, is getting ready to join TU Kaiserslautern, Germany, for his MS. I am happy and proud of his achievement but also a little sad to think of him going so far away! I hope Germany treats him well. He is in the midst of learning German now! 

So that's all for now, folks!

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  1. Congrats on being published! Very nice post!
    Funny, that your son is going to Kaiserslautern, I lived there for many years.

  2. I like the two stories combined here enabling the escape. Hopefully we will see more of your captivating artwork.

  3. beautiful artwork, happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Beautiful woman, it is wonderful how you placed her in that circle!
    The story is well expressed, we learn so much within a few lines.
    And to your son the best wishes for a positive experience in Germany! Does he know anyone around Kaiserslautern or in Germany?
    And congratulations with the publishing in an online-magazine!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Nice art work. Let's hope she finds that treasure before someone else does.
    Congrats on your story in the Woven Tale Press.
    Dropping by from the Treasure prompt.

  6. Lovely art! Congrats on getting published too.

  7. such a beautiful painting! Congrats on being published, and best of luck to your son!

  8. She is stunning. Very nice indeed.

  9. Expertly handled; well done.

  10. Oooh Wow,what a awesome painting,i loove this to much.

    Happy PPF.

  11. Congratulations to your son. I know how difficult that is having your child move so far away. I love your prose and artwork

  12. That piece of art is so beautiful .... Love how you wrapped her hair around her. And congrats on being published! Great feeling, isn't it!?


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