Saturday, December 21, 2013

The common sense of writing.

After trashing my story that had all the given words for this week’s 3WW, I knew I was not writing the way I wanted to. 

What was I writing wrong, no not wrong maybe, but insipid, boring ideas that I started associating with my own dull self. 

Heavens! I know my sluggish mind is, at times, perfectly capable of sinking into levels of imbecility, and what’s more, my face even faithfully represents my tuned out status!

What better recipe for disaster can you get in this combative world of unshrinking, intrepid go-getters! 

The first thing I learned today was not to write what doesn’t sincerely speak to me.

The second thing I found out, which I made mental notes to self never to forget, was to keep my eyes open, look out for small happenings, incidents, or even musings, like this one, that I can employ in my writing. 

By now it should have dawned on anyone reading this, what I, in a very uncharacteristically intelligent way, also figured out - that I should write from personal experiences. Of course words can be added to tweak this here, and that there! Well, that is nothing but writer’s privileges!

Here I am, sharing my words with you, sincerely spoken, culled from my days bit of soul searching, and personal experience of being led astray in a meandering maze of words! 

Until light dawns again in my dim witted world!


  1. It is all a process..dull at times but others quite dazzling where it takes you

  2. It happens sometimes. We all go through this phase. Observing your surrounding and people can give great ideas! Keep writing and keep painting!:)

  3. Great thoughts...great art and great blog....
    I really enjoyed reading your blog!

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