Friday, February 28, 2014

Badhai ho! to my newly wedded stone couple.

 "Badhai ho" in Punjabi means "Congratulations!"
My faces painted on stone.
This week I would like to present a couple.
The turbaned man and his newly wedded wife.

They are thrilled to be newly married, yet a bit shy, because it was an arranged marriage and they do not know each other very well. Arranged marriages are more the norm in India than love marriages, even today. Matching horoscopes, liking the respective families of the groom and the bride are all part and parcel of the Indian wedding scenario. The ceremony involves lots of religious rites, wearing lots of jewelry, lots of costly dresses - suits, silk shirts, sarees  and, of course,  huge feasts that are guaranteed to burst your tummies!!
Well, hope you bless this couple! ;-)



  1. Love your faces on stone. We have a large Indian population in Canada and the weddings are just amazing....days of celebration...the bride is usually so exhausted by the end of it all! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Love your fab painted stones. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. I hope they will live together in respect and harmony!
    Wonderful portraits and thank you for telling their story!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Oh wow ...what a soni jodi...badhai ho Zafaran :)

  5. These are such fabulous paintings!! I have never been to a traditional Indian wedding but have seen one or two on documentaries and they are just so stunning and elaborate.

  6. What wonderful portraits on small stones - so who needs expensive canvases???

  7. Your stone paintings of the happy couple are delightful and very detailed. Nice work . May they live happily ever after : )

    Annabelle : )

  8. I'm LOVING all your painted rocks - very cool! Your married couple makes me smile!

  9. These are so cool. I really like this couple even if they don't know each other. They look special together.

  10. Great! I have not seen stones painted with faces before. They are wonderful.


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