Saturday, February 01, 2014

Beyond the lines.

I have always steered clear of politics for many reasons. It always leaves me fazed by the convoluted self-promotion of its leaders who never really seem to be working for the betterment of the nation. Beneath any visible signs of rural or urban development, there surely exist, I feel, layers of corruption and underhand deals. Politicians, in my view, work with an agenda of personal gain and lust for indomitable power.

But, I felt these opinions of mine should be slightly amended, because, at times, the media, which should ideally live up to its responsibility of sparking meaningful discussions about developing a better, cleaner, healthier nation, seems to be showing more interest in examining and engendering political gossip and group wars. It leaves the poor average citizen with no choice other than to listen to the puke-worthy story lines of dirty party politics. 

Agreed, there are lousy leaders, who deserve merciless exposure, but what if there is a lone sincere voice out there? A voice that, somewhere beyond the lines drawn by power hungry politicians or ratings based media interrogators, really cares about the country and the people? 

Will such a voice ever get listeners? 

Will such a voice ever get the encouragement and support to implement changes for far reaching national development? 

Swatted down by the bloodthirsty media, drowned by the political power moguls, this voice might never get a chance to make itself heard unless a time comes when the leaders, the politicians, the media, and the citizens work to improve the country, working together, not against each other, without blame games and hidden agendas. 

The hard working, tax-paying citizen deserves a nation firmly on the path to sustained development where peace and harmony exist. 

Let us direct our energies towards resolving conflicts not creating them.

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