Friday, March 07, 2014

The Jewel In The Lotus.

Like Maya Angelou said, one fantasy can transform a million realities!

And, what is art to me, but, that unlimited, unrestricted flight into realms of  fantasy which calms and soothes the heart.

The moment I feel the paint flowing from my brushes, a shift occurs within when I feel I can siphon off my own imagination on to the canvas.
Time and effort hardly hinders anyone one on a creative journey, as I am sure many of you reading this will know.
The result of all our work, inspiration, imagination is well worth it.

This week I was painting on commission. And my theme was so well suited for me that I went to it with oodles of inspiration.

The lotus, that rising from the mud, pulled upwards by the light of the sun, is a beautiful metaphor for the human soul journeying to Awareness and light within.

I did two canvases, one in the typical Kerala mural art tradition, which is basically an age old tradition of painting seen on the walls of old temples, palaces using vegetable colors.

The modern version is done using acrylics as vegetable colors are hard to obtain and pretty expensive.

This was done using the smallest size brush, '000' and is 12" by 9". I was fortunate enough to have it bought by a German visitor. The entire background was done by stippling paint using the '000' size brush and I managed to use up quite a few of my brushes! :-)

The second canvas (12" by 9") is of a lotus pond and I used a different color palette here, as you can see.

Being in the mood for lotuses, how could I not add a stone lotus too?
So here is my stone lotus...perfect for placing before the pictures of gods in the pooja space.

That is my sharing for this week. Wishing all of you a happy weekend!



  1. These are very beautiful - and painted with a 000 brush, amazing. I like the colours of the first and the stippled background is fascinating, and I like very much the lily pond with the swirling water.

  2. Beautiful artwork. Happy PPF, Annette x


  3. Love the colours of the first lotus done in the Kerala style with the vegetable colours seemingly appearing more intense and brilliant. The lily pond is also beautiful with it's whimsical swirls. All very lovely works of art.

    Annabelle : )

  4. Absolutely beautiful!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I love the lotus and its symbolism. Your paintings are so exquisite!!! You must have very steady hands and much patience :) Stunning works!

  6. Very lovely paintings. Colors and shading are beautiful.

  7. Such lovely paintings with so much love put into it! It is shown in the results so well! I so love the shadings you did and the colors in the first piece are so fascinating!! I am very happy you paint with us again on Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  8. Beautiful artwork! It would be hard to chose a favorite.

  9. Wonderful lotuses.....such a magnificent bloom. xox

  10. Happy Paint Party Friday! You are so creative...The lotus are beautiful. So illustrative! Thanks for sharing. Have a great rest of the weekend!! Tam

  11. Wow,wonderful work,Beautiful!!


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