Friday, May 23, 2014

Color and energy like a Macaw.

Let me answer pre-emptively that - no, the movie ‘Rio’ was not the inspiration for my painting, although it does have very cute, lovely macaws in it!

When I started the macaw painting, I was trying out mixed media techniques and a chance to paint the bright colors of the bird’s feathers!

A macaw is the largest of all parrots and quite an endangered species, apart from being very intelligent, it possesses clever abilities to whistle, repeats words, and phrases that it hears often!
Bird symbolism links it with Mother Nature, bringing balance, and emotional stability. 

I used live next to the zoo in one of the cities I spent my childhood in, (Yes, weird and crazy, I know!) We used to hear the loud screeching sounds of all the huge macaws there and also, the hungry roars of lions at lunch time! 

Whenever I used to stand near their enclosures, I used to get the feeling that though the macaws appeared to be dozing, they were in fact very watchful. I used to wish that one day a colorful feather would float out of the cage and land near me! Of course, it never happened!

Anyway, years later, here I am with a macaw of my own, soaring without any restrictions in a golden sky.

And a sketch I did while watching this video, Gitanjali Rao's short film "Chai"

The movie link is Here, if you want to watch how 'chai ' and the innumerable migrant workers are inextricably connected.

Have a happy week, all of you!



  1. wow love your Macaw, fab post. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. your macaw is fantastic!!!

  3. What a fab macaw, love it. A neighbour here used to have one in a huge cage, and it kept the whole neighbourhood entertained! Valerie

  4. Your macaw is gorgeous. Your post reminds me of an event of 50 years ago. A co-worker who lived near the Houston zoo said her small daughter told her she could smell an ocelot. She was puzzled since she (the mom) couldn't smell any animals till she realized that she (the mom) was writing with a Marks-a-lot pen.

  5. Your macaws are amazing - beautiful patterns and colours. I love the sounds of the zoo... i wish I lived near one too!

  6. Love your macaws. The colors are fantastic and the yellow background is feather-like too-nice touch!

  7. Your painting is beautiful and does honor to the species! We have a B&G macaw and I wish I could drop a feather your way. We often give them to the neighbor children. :-)

  8. Wow that macaw is awesome. I love the expression on it's face. The colors are perfect. Well done

  9. Wonderful and creative macaw ~ love your art style ~ filled with dynamic color and energy ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Wow, love the groovy macaw! We had one growing up, it was magnificent but chewed up our whole garden! Thanks for the link to the movie, am always looking out for a good film

  11. Really great sketches. Don't you just love inspiration all the way around?! :) And your macaw is seriously wonderful - so full of life and color. Well done. :)

  12. Stunning mccaw! This painting would make fabulous cards!!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. Love the woman's face , she is so beautiful..deep soulful eyes! and wowness..the bird is radiant, vibrant and so magical...totally gorgeous work! Very powerful and very alive! Shine on!!

  14. What a wonderful bird! I love it and your story about being near them in past years. The woman looks very full of soul. Wonderful artworks!


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