Friday, June 13, 2014

Abstract expressionist junk journal.

A journal born from the advertisement brochures, in this case it was a gold jewelry store booklet that was just waiting for my art to be unleashed on it!
I say 'unleashed' because I just let myself go...went wild and just let the intuitive, or whatever part of the brain it is that allows one to paint fearlessly, take me on a fun ride!
Doubtlessly, there was a color explosion and layers and layers of color built up. I just let loose brushwork and wild lines drawn and drawn over again, (which I did not bother to paint in any methodical way), do the work for me.
I was looking at the colorful paintings of Jean Michael Basquiat and abstract expressionists,  maybe that was the subconscious inspiration going on in my head.

Here are a few pictures...

And this page done with the SOC colors- aqua, yellow and pink

What my junk journal emerged from...           

On my journey with color , this is a work in progress and I hope it is interesting for you, my dear readers. On a last note, do you find any connecting theme in these paintings? Your unique viewpoint is what I would love to know. 

Please do check in on Summer of Color - beautiful and fun arty event hosted by Kristin and also,  the highly creative people over at,


  1. Love the color! the pages are beautiful. I especially like the face with the fish. Nicely done

  2. how wonderful that you made a journal out of junk and then gave yourself freedom to do what ever came to you. i can feel that freedom as i look at your pieces. so happy for the gift you gave yourself.

  3. Too cool! I especially love the leaves and vines spread.

  4. fantastic paintings Zafaran!

  5. Visiting from SOC! Really fun page--the leaves are great!

  6. Your SOC piece is very interesting. I'll submit mine today.

  7. WOW! Your art journal pages are beautiful! I love your creativity!!! The SOC colors look amazing here.

  8. I do like these, what wonderful colours and images and faces. My favourite is the leaves with that amazing purple background.

  9. I really like how you just let go and let loose. The colors, faces, jungle leaves and space wonderful.

  10. Love the eyes on the 3rd to the last photo ~ Gorgeous ~ and other creative works are lovely with wonderful color combination ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  11. I see unusual color and patterns similar to Matisse.

  12. What a great idea!! I need to borrow it for some of my own Art journaling :)
    I just joined SOC this last week, so am peeking back at week one offerings, as I've decided to play, too


I am always happy when you comment. It gives me the push to go on painting, writing. Thank you so much!