Friday, July 18, 2014

The magic of wonder!

Week1….Aqua, yellow and pink….
Week 2 … Coral, teal and white…
Week 3… Lavender, grey and plum…
Week 4… Pink and greens
Week 5 …Red and blues…

What an array of colors it has been these past five weeks! I have truly enjoyed creating with these colors and taking steps out of my usual color schemes. The theme of magic, by which I do not mean the abracadabra, incantations or rabbit-out-of-a-hat tricks,  but rather, moments filled with wonder that I tried to explore in my paintings past few weeks did really wave a wand of color magic on me. On all of us, I am sure! 

We have all experienced magical moments, like the fabled magical carpets in stories, flying us off to lands and experiences beyond our expectations. Magical moments can be round any corner, behind any usual everyday stuff that we see, but sometimes we will have to reset our logical minds to concede that it is pure magic. It could be birds that fly in just as we paint birds on our canvases, glow worms on a lovely summer night or even crystal blue drops of rain that drench us in delight!

Magic - a middle-point where reality and imagination together create something extraordinary, and can actually rub the dullness off everyday life and weave it into big fluffy clouds of aqua, coral, pink or blues… grey buildings painted plum or blue whales painted yellow… Well, why not? Personally, I would love a blue elephant that flies and a yellow whale that flies a hot air balloon. My son was quite used to bedtime stories that I created on the spot from such imaginary characters, which he remembers even now!

Magic can be in the ordinary. It can also be in the extraordinary. And, that little bit of ‘extra’ …is what we as artists, writers , teachers or persons from any profession,  look for in our creations… Summer of color has been that li’l wand of magic for all of us, but, the magic of color does not end here…and our thoughts continue to weave magic for us. 

On golden carpets of imagination, we fly on…over hills, towns, and seas, midst the fluffy clouds!

The weeks colors were, raspberry, tangerine and lemon...and, here is my creation with an accompanying quote to explain her smile.

“She smiled and said with an ecstatic air: "It shines like a little diamond",
"What does?"
"This moment. It is round, it hangs in empty space like a little diamond; I am eternal.”
Jean-Paul Sartre, The Age of Reason


A sketch I had made of her...

digitally played with my painting! ;)
With a lot of thanks to Kristin for hosting this wonderful event for all of us!


  1. LOVE the color you achieved. She looks so different from her sketch to her painting.....I like both! Hugs! deb
    Visiting from Friday Sketches.......

  2. Love your last piece in SOC 4. She really looks like she's enjoying the moment.

  3. Wonderful work your last piece is very special. Valerie

  4. All of your SOC art is beautiful, especially this week's in orange.

  5. What beautiful paintings! My favorite is the girl in pin and green.

  6. What a fascinating blogpost and what an amazing quote. I've loved visiting your SOC art and your final one is beautiful in these colours which seem made for it. If I had to choose a favourite it would be the one with the fireflies.

  7. what a difference a change in color and style can make -love them. Your projects are all beautiful, and I LOVE your banner at the top!

  8. Beautiful work, Its great to see them all together, thanks for sharing :)

  9. that quote just goes so well with this artwork. Love her smile! And all your other creations look magical together.

  10. Lôvélÿ quote, and Lôvélÿ lady! This weeds colors aster delicious, and you've used them well!

  11. Zafaran is beautiful! I love what you did with this week's colors! And thank you for sharing all of the rest of your SOC work, too! I have enjoyed following you and getting inspiration from you! HUGS!!!!

  12. Beautiful! A lovely representation of this week's colours and I enjoyed seeing all of your SOC work together.

  13. It was awesome seeing all these together, especially, since I'm no good at drawing. Yours are all so beautiful, but I think you saved the best for last.

  14. I loved seeing all of your stuff together!! So nice!!


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