Friday, November 28, 2014

Cities, story telling trees, underwater conversations... seven paintings.

Sharing with you some of the work I have been doing but did not get round to adding on to my blog.

Let me start with a Calvino quote that I really liked from  his book, Invisible Cities. I really enjoyed this book and the dream like descriptions of Marco Polo.

“For those who pass it without entering, the city is one thing; it is another for those who are trapped by it and never leave. There is the city where you arrive for the first time; and there is another city which you leave never to return."
Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities.

The trees in my home city are so beautiful, especially during our heavy monsoons,  that I could not stop myself from imagining...

Do you know what happens when it rains?
The thoughts, wishes, and secrets of the people rise up, fill the leaves of these trees, like raindrops, and make them heavy with so many untold stories.  
Some of these untold stories are captured in color by me...

 And, one such story was of a conversation...

Once upon a time I had a conversation underwater
But all the words got washed away.

Or, of this monk who, on a moonlit night,  sings ...

Not the silver stars,
Or the silvery fish,
The rhythm of my oars
Ferry me across
This river.

Stories are everywhere, but only good listeners can hear them...

"The earth has music
for those who listen."
George Santayana

"Come and dream,
Because, by the sound of a guitar,
We forget wars
And relieve sorrows."

From the lyrics of Mariza
As Guitarras

Stepping through to a different dimension through our stories, we are indeed time travelers, 

When I step through,
I step across.

Keep smiling and arting, dear friends...

AJJ where the prompt is to make art inspired by the great masters. 
Well, in the first painting of mine, I have used yellow and blue and
 the theme of the outside viewed through the room., Van Gogh style.


  1. love your great pages, full of energy. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. Wonderful pieces are this!
    Thank you for joining AJJ!
    Happy PPF to you!

  3. thanks for taking me on this marvelous journey! Lovely work
    Happy PPF

  4. Lovely images & thoughts!
    ... 'but all the words got washed away....'

  5. Found your blog through AEDM, these images are glorious

  6. I love the piece with the chair. Chairs seem like they have stories to tell.

  7. Very nice art work. I love the colors especially in the face!

  8. Wonderful thoughts and paintings...the underwater conversation is my favorite!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Stunning art and wonderful quotes. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  10. So many wonderful paintings, all so skilfully done. My favourite is the first with the chair, especially with the quote just above.

  11. Master of color and dreamy layered stories, you are so talented. It's been a while since I've visited and this is such an awesome post. I want to share it with my nephews and niece the next time they are over and we are painting or talking about stories. I love how you've structured the stories within a larger story--a tree of life/stories . . . in the end it is what we have, among our most precious gifts. This feels like the start of a children's picture book :)


I am always happy when you comment. It gives me the push to go on painting, writing. Thank you so much!