Saturday, April 09, 2016

Back to the narrative.

Today, early morning I woke up to the sound of thunder and saw dark grey clouds over the western horizon. Cool wind is blowing through the house, cooling it after days of hot, humid weather. I feel I must share, after a long time, my recent works on my blog. I have been away from my blog, though not from painting. 

Without much more ado, let me show you two of my recent paintings.  

The first one, The Confluence, 17.5” x 24”  Acrylic on canvas. I have included two progress pics too. 

The Confluence

The second work is 18"x12"titled  Spring. you can see the way it developed...I used drips and gold. 

Happy to be back on my blog. I know it is a place I can return to at any time and still feel like I am home. A fresh and rejuvenated feeling, like the sudden tropical rains. :-)

Linking as always with PPF  and inspired by the music of the rain and thunder, I submit to AJJ and CED.  

Have a happy weekend all of you!  Please do have a look at my FB page for more artwork. Link ...

Zafaran Art


  1. Very nice...good to see you back!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. happy to see you again-really beautiful paintings!! Happy PPF!

  3. Lovely paintings. Especially beautiful bird image!

  4. Beautiful paintings. Especially love "Confluence".

  5. Stunning! Really fun to see how your paintings progressed.

  6. Beautiful paintings. I love your lady.


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